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Trauma-Focused Therapy

Trauma & Attachment

Living in today’s world is tough! Add in childhood or relational trauma & life can seem chaotic & out of control. You feel fragile. And lots of emotions show up when you least expect them. They overwhelm your body & hijack your entire being. You feel as if you’re riding a roller coaster of distress; shame…guilt…anxiety. And the depression. It runs so deep. You crave intimacy but fear it even more. You’re frustrated & alone, & all your energy is spent wrangling these ups & downs. But you’ve made a decision. You won’t let this control you anymore. I see your strength! Deep emotional wounds need nurturing. Connection. Let me help.


“How we understand psychopathology, is that it is that which results from the individual’s unwilled and unwanted

aloneness in the face of overwhelming emotion.” -Diana Fosha


It fundamentally has to do with aloneness. Thus, what is equally fundamental to doing the therapeutic work is undoing alonenessUnmet attachment needs or difficult relational experiences can make a person feel misunderstood and alone. However, we are wired for healing and have an innate capacity toward self-righting. When a therapist is attuned, engaged and compassionate, clients feel accompanied and are able to access and process deep wounds which may have been to difficult to contend with before. Together, the therapist helps the client experientially process emotion, which leads to a new, corrective experience. 


As a therapist trained in AEDP (accelerated experiential dynamic psychotherapy), this is the approach I take when helping clients process complex childhood trauma; anxiety, depression; or emotional dysregulation.


I know that reaching out can feel kind of scary…..Let’s be honest. It’s really scary! But you deserve to be free from your wounding. Together, we’ll work through the difficult stuff. The emotions. The fear. Nothing is too big! Plus, I’ve got a comfy couch & cozy office. Or meet me on telehealth. Either way. I challenge you to do this for yourself.

About Me

Welcome! I’m Leslie. I’m so glad you stopped by. I’m guessing you landed here because you’re curious to see if I might be a good fit for your needs!

I’m a therapist in Albany, Oregon specializing in the treatment of complex childhood trauma, depression, and anxiety. I also work with clients who have been impacted by addiction or substance abuse/misuse/use.


My bet is that you want to know more about my education, experience, and training…and I’ll get to that. Because, it is important!

But I also think it’s important to know that I’ve discovered over the years that a good fit is so much more than all that stuff!  Right? 

We experience a connection with someone when we feel a felt sense of being seen by them. Heard by them. Or safe in their presence. It’s unconscious. I believe this to be essential for an attuned, secure therapeutic relationship. 

Which is why I offer to meet with potential clients via a quick 15-minute “meet and greet” before we schedule. When we are in each others presence, I want you to feel calm, safe, and in a state of social connection.  

Have any questions? I offer a free 15-minute consultation.